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Company Overview

TooLSoft is an independent company specialized in the service of information technology and electronic commerce. Always on the edge of technology, TooLSoft evolves with its client's needs to offer a unique personalized service. With more than ten years of experience, the expertise reflects on quality and efficiency of its service.

Small and medium businesses present specific needs in terms of information technologies and electronic commerce. These needs being different from one business to the next, the commercial solutions available are not always the most appropriate. TooLSoft offers a professional consulting service aimed specifically toward these businesses.


System Integration

TooLSoft offers complete implantation services including the various facets of today's business computer environment. Each situation is analyzed with care, thus the tools and solutions allowing for the best possible fulfilment of strategic business needs are proposed. System integration has many layers that work together to provide a stable and performing structure to the users. These layers are as follows:

    Hardware layer
  • User workstations
  • Servers
  • Network equipment
  • IP Phone equipment
  • Computer security equipment
  • Peripheral equipment (copiers, printers, digital cameras, scanners, fax machines, etc.)
    Software layer
  • Office software
  • Management software
  • Communication software
  • Web software
  • Specific software related to the strategic business environment
    Peripheral layer
  • Building installations (cables, space for servers and workstations, etc.)
  • User training

TooLSoft covers all these layers. To help you save time and money, TooLSoft can assist you in finding the products best suited to your needs and offering the best price/performance ratio.

TooLSoft is able to help you make the right decisions concerning new system integration, equipment renewal and improvement of the existing infrastructure underlying these equipments. But the service does not stop there.

Once this equipment is acquired, TooLSoft offers installation and technical support services. What's more, if need be, a targeted training program can be elaborated to train your employees and allow them to acquire the required skills to get the most out of your equipment.

Commercial software solutions being sometimes unsatisfactory, only custom software can offer the required functions to efficiently do the tasks required by specific situations. TooLSoft offers a custom software creation service to fill these particular needs.

With new technologies evolving so quickly and inherent risks related to Internet use, insuring that your installation is secure and performing is of utmost importance. TooLSoft offers a security evaluation service and suggests solutions relevant to your business needs.

These solutions insure no virus infections and minimize illegal intrusion risk and information theft.

Electronic Commerce

The world of electronic commerce has changed considerably in the last few years. Not so long ago, electronic commerce was limited to large businesses. It has recently been adapted to allow small and medium businesses to use it efficiently. Exposing your business on the World Wide Web allows the exploration of markets that are otherwise unattainable.

The Internet provides more benefits than just a market widening, it also allows information and product exchanges on a world wide scale. Your business will then be able to buy and sell directly with hundreds of others using a single media end point; the Internet. With the latest technologies in electronic commerce, it is even possible to automate transactions over the Internet, saving your business time and money.

With the company's experience in electronic commerce technologies, such as J2EE, Web services and automated transactions, TooLSoft is able to assist you when you decide to open your business to this world of possibilities that represents electronic commerce.

Our Goal

Being totally independent of hardware and software manufacturers, TooLSoft always offers the most appropriate solution for your business technological and budget needs.

The best service with very competitive pricing.

Sébastien La Madeleine, President.
B.Sc., M.Sc. Computer Science